YouTube Marketing: How to use your Channel in content strategy?

Creating the channel on Youtube

The first step to using YouTube marketing is to create an account on the site, no doubt. This is a relatively easy and intuitive process.

What I’m going to focus on this topic is the strategy behind creating your channel . You did not think you could just register and do it anyway, did you?

Starting the right way with Youtube marketing is key to achieving results and growing faster. So keep an eye out for the following factors when creating your Youtube channel:

1.Choose a good name;

2.Customize the URL of your channel with your name, or your business, to be remembered more easily;

3.Create a quick description of your channel and use the keywords most relevant to your content;

4.Do not focus on your channel description only in what your company does or sells, talk about its content;

5.Set a visual identity for the channel (avatar, cover image and thumbnails) that reminds you of your company (logo colors, for example);

6.Enter the links of your website, blog and social networks in your profile.

Video recording equipment

You do not need to create a super Hollywood production to interact with potential buyers. In fact, the most popular Youtube channels are great examples of simplicity and low cost.

1.Here’s what you’ll need to do video marketing on Youtube:

2.A camera or smartphone with HD recording quality, preferably;

3.Tripod to stabilize recording equipment;

4.Lighting equipment;

5.Microphone to capture audio (we use a lapel, but you can use the handset itself with your phone’s microphone or the external one);

6.USB cable or memory card to transmit video to PC;

7.Computer or notebook for editing the videos (it is also possible to do this by the smartphone, but I find it more complicated);

Video editing software (we use VideoPad Editor Pro, but there are free options too.Everything will depend on the level of editing you want.I particularly content myself with some texts and cuts.);

Recording scenario (in my case, an armchair and a white wall in the background).

The purchase of these equipment is not very expensive, most of the time. However, as in any market, there are cheaper options and more expensive ones.

We made an investment of about R $ 3,500.00, more or less. Including the smartphone (Moto G4 Plus), softbox, lapel microphone (Audio Technica ATR3350) and notebook (Acer).

Some of these equipment were acquired in the Free Market , which made possible a great economy. But stay tuned to the seller’s reputation and read the ad well, combined?

Whether you prefer physical stores, any company specializing in audio-visual articles can help you. The softbox, for example, we acquired in a store here in Joinville same.

Choice of themes for content

Content is the most important part of your Youtube marketing strategy. Through that only people will be drawn to your channel and become customers later. Therefore, dedication and a lot of research are crucial to the success of your videos.

The more knowledge you have about your audience, the easier it will be to generate content.

Create a list of the most common questions for your potential customers have and try to answer them in your videos. Start with the most obvious things and then expand the content and make it even more complex.

An add-on alternative is to search for the perfect keywords for your videos . It’s the same process you probably doing already on your blog.

Use keyword research tools and find the most searched terms.

I’ve separated three useful tools into this process on the channel, here’s how they work in the videos:


-Google Keyword Tool

-Keyword Tool

You still have other tools, like BuzzSumo , for example. It allows you to find trends in social networks. So you can create videos on the most popular subjects of the moment.

In the article ” How to boost your sales with videos ” there are other content formats and ideas that you can take advantage of. Check out the text to get new insights on what to post on your company’s Youtube channel.

Do not forget to create an editorial calendar for your channel. Maintaining consistency of publishing is also important for generating new subscribers and gaining view on Youtube.


Only by comparison, the Channel grew more than 100% in subscribers and views in the last quarter by publishing one video per day.

We reached 300% growth compared to the period without any publication in the channel. And it looks like we are in an extremely busy market.

SEO optimization on videos

Youtube is not only a video player, it is the second largest search engine in the world. In other words, millions of people visit the site daily for answers . Now imagine if they found your videos instead of the competition content?

Surely your company would be generating more leads and sales through Youtube marketing. So do not neglect the SEO work on your videos.

Among the most important things for video optimization and techniques I have tested are:

-Name the video file with the search term before sending it to Youtube;

-Use the main keyword in the title of the video, as close to the beginning as possible;

-Put your keyword in the Video tags and complete with related terms;

-Type a description of the video or paste the transcript into this field, but be sure to use the keyword a few times too;

-Repeat the keyword clearly and slowly during the video, so it will automatically appear in the transcript created by Youtube itself;

-If possible, submit the transcript and captions of the video;

-Upload named thumbnails with your primary keyword;

-Insert the video into a Playlist, when possible;

-Use Google Adsense for videos, apparently also helps in performance with the searches.

-Monitoring and optimization

Once you’ve created your channel on Youtube, buy the equipment, choose the guidelines, set up your calendar and publish the videos, it’s time to see what’s working.

However, the measurement process does not only begin at the end of the video. In fact, before you even record the videos you need to think about the measurement.

YouTube: 5 Killer SEO Tips for Your Videos

Find keywords for videos

First of all, it’s good to know that there are very easy ways to discover keywords to rank your videos better. Autocomplete, for example: test YouTube’s search bar, and it will automatically suggest a more complete phrase.

Interestingly, these suggestions are based on the most searched words on YouTube, so evaluate whether you can produce content about them. There may be a keyword giving to your company and you do not even know it!

Another tip is to take a look at the tags used by competitors or content producers who have successful videos on a subject you want to rank. Since YouTube does not show publicly, you’re going to have to give a spy. Just click the right mouse button and click “View page source”, then give Ctrl + F and search for keywords, which tags appear.

Optimize your videos

1 – Set the file name before uploading the video

The optimization work already starts before you even upload. The video keyword must be entered in the file name that will upload to YouTube. If it is an expression, you should use hyphens between the terms.

It will stay like this, for example: “tips-of-seo-for-youtube.mp4”. This makes it easy for the tool to understand which is the main theme of your video.

2 – Create a title

Have you ever come across a video with the title a bit messy? Did you want to see? Remember that the user experience is very important to SEO. The title is one of the most important points of your video, because it is the one that will inform the search engines what content is covered.  

Remember, just like in the case of images, Google does not “read” what’s being said in that media. So take advantage of the 100 character limit!

If you find it necessary, include the name of your company at the end. The reason is that people look for solutions on the internet, and then only they search for brands.

3 – Include a description

After the title, the description also serves to inform the search engines about the content of the video. And inform users too, – never forget the user experience!

YouTube allows a total of 5,000 characters, but only about 150 of them will appear in results on a Google search. This help is very essential to encourage the Internet user to understand that you are approaching the topic that he/she seeks and get you to click on your video.

So for each video, write a unique and relevant description with the highlights at the beginning. Another thing we indicate enough is to include a URL targeting your site or a landing page.

Please enter your keywords and link at the beginning of the description. As in the title, the first words have a greater weight than the last. So it’s good to plan how to fill that space.

Also, when the visitor enters your page and the “show more” is not clicked, the link will always be visible.

4 – Make Use of Tags

Tags are critical both for indexing and for anyone looking for a subject on YouTube. Do not confuse with WordPress tags, for example, that have little influence on search engines.

Include keywords to set the video, including the main keyword of course. Be clear and run away from technical or complicated language. The idea is to be simple and direct information for the user. YouTube will also use them to suggest your video when the user is watching productions from other channels, concluding that they are of the same theme.

YouTube recommends up to 120 characters, including spaces, in total. This can give up to 15 words. For a more exact search, make use of long tail terms – 3 or 4 words maximum. But which tags to use on YouTube?

A very useful idea is to look for the tags used in the most viewed videos of your competitors and to evaluate their insertion in yours.

Also, always keep in mind the idea of ​​creating the tags relative to the title of your video.

5 – Transcribe your video in description

Leave sloth aside and transcribe the content of your video and paste it into the description. This will cause people who do not play to consume their content in the same way.

In general, it will not take much effort. If you produced a screenplay before shooting, format it to the space available in the description. This will also help Google index your content faster and hence improve your SEO.

Videos are a great choice to produce relevant content for every step of a customer’s buying journey – from more comprehensive content to those focused on your service or product.

When you start investing in videos, your authority over your niche increases and credibility as well. Through this placement, your content attracts a qualified audience increasing the chances of conversion.