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Running a freelance business can be frustrating . And it can be even more frustrating if customers do not arrive to keep you afloat. And if customers do not arrive you can not earn enough money to support yourself and ultimately you will have to return to your work from 8 to 5. I know you do not want that but the clients will not appear as if by magic , we have to actively get them to market us .


The marketing of your own brand and business must always be present in your list of tasks. Even if it seems tedious, it is something that you must activate because it is what will allow you to continue doing what you do.

There is no point in trying to create incredible services or products if you do not tell anyone how incredible they are.

You can not expect to set up a website and that people appear because Google exists.

You can not write on your blog and expect people to read to you because your content is great.

You can not put together a super cool portfolio and expect customers to rain on you because your work is impeccable.

You must get them to find you and I want to help you with that. Today I share 7 strategies with which you will get to know the great things you do and that in the end be your customers. You do not have to do all at once, apply the things you feel comfortable with and then increase the risk.

1. Take Your Social Networks Seriously

If you still do not have social networks for your business as a freelance, you must open them today. In my case I went on to use my personal networks for work exclusively (for the username). That is, stop publishing nonsense that had nothing to do with my personal brand.

Social networks are a great way to constantly remind people that you exist and that they can hire you . Publish quality content constantly (that has to do with your services). Quality content must be relevant to your potential customers, this is very important. If you post quality content for people who will never want to buy you, you are not doing anything.

We should not promote ourselves excessively because you would scare people away. Have as a measure 80% of quality content that contributes something to your followers and 20% of content promoting your services .

2. Show Your Knowledge With A Blog

If you decide to write in a blog you should know that it has to have a purpose and you can not write about any topic. You should focus on topics that would interest your potential clients . In my case I offer brand identity services for entrepreneurs and I talk about topics that could interest them: brand identity and design, entrepreneurship and social networks.

In some articles you can mention and include links to your services or products only if it is relevant to the subject of the article.

I always recommend capturing the emails of your readers . You can include a downloadable resource in some of your articles and ask for an email in exchange. With this you will have a database of potential clients. In addition, you can include a form to capture emails in the footer for example.

3. Publish Articles As A Guest On Another Blog

If you already have a blog or if you like to write, you should try to make articles for other blogs with niches similar to yours that already have an audience. Normally you will not be able to promote your services too much in those articles but they will let you include a link to your page (where you should have a form to capture emails).

Take this opportunity to offer SUPER quality content . Light up Remember that you are trying to fall in love with an audience that does not know you.

4. Customer References

Your happy customers will always bring you more customers. If you do a good job for them they are probably already recommending them to their friends and family. But just in case, you can ask them to take you into account to recommend you.

5. Webinars Or Live Videos

Making live videos or webinars will bring you closer to your audience . Social networks can be very impersonal at times and through video is how they can really see you and get to know you better.

The webinars are live workshops through a digital medium in which you will teach something or give advice on a topic. The idea is that you choose topics that you control and that relate to your services or products and that can also be of great help to your potential customers. At the end of the webinar you can do a question and answer session.

Many times webinars are used to promote a specific service or product . So, if you choose a topic related to one of your products, do not be afraid to promote it at the end.

6. Networking, Networking, Networking …

It is very likely that in your city there will be several networking events and it is important that you attend to make yourself known. To get the most out of it, you will need to prepare a short speech (1 minute or less) of who you are and what you do, or what is known as an elevator pitch .

As you will not be able to talk to everyone tries to locate the event to people who can offer them your services or you think (at first glance) that could fit you and your services .

This can be scary (it gives me) but it is something you should try. You do not know who you can meet and in what way you can help. Never forget your business cards .

7. Get Active With Facebook Groups

On Facebook there are infinite number of groups that you can join. Find groups where you can find your potential customers . For example, in my case I am in groups of bloggers and entrepreneurs. In these groups people always ask for help or advice on issues related to my services so I take advantage to help them and promote myself.

On my personal Facebook page (which is the one used to speak in groups) I have a link to my fan page and my website. So if someone found my answer useful and wants to know more about me, by entering my profile you can go directly to my website and learn more about me and my services.

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