The Virtual Assistant Websites For Freelance Jobs

Let’s be honest, in Spain, the best way to get a job, even if it’s a virtual assistant job that lasts two hours, is through personal recommendations from your contacts. Even so, the market and business needs are changing and even growing, so sometimes, companies need something done very quickly, without time to ask for recommendations of contacts. Here comes the best opportunity to prove your worth . Hire virtual assistant from VA Guys111 site, save your money and time and expand your business.

Do not miss the opportunity and do a great job the first time a company trusts you for something. It is the best way to open doors to the difficult “second opportunity of Virtual Assistant Websites” !

And is that in Spain, there are more than 3 million companies , but 99.87% are SMEs (small and medium enterprises), up to 249 employees. That is, they do not have giant Human Resources departments with a lot of personnel, so they increasingly turn to and rely on virtual assistant platforms. Also, during some temporary or very specific projects, they do not want to hire someone and then dismiss them when they finish the work, so virtual assistant are their best option.

I know that the beginnings of virtual assistant life are difficult, what’s more, I would say that the most complicated part is to start networking and face the abyss of where jobs are sought, projects opportunities. In short, the big question: Where do jobs come from? So here I leave the best websites and virtual assistant portals in Spain. A direct channel to see the options that there are and also take into account as a cover letter.


This web is specialized in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Copy and Translations, Illustrations, Video and Animation, Music and Sound, Programming and Technology, Business and Fun and Lifestyle. The first thing you have to do is create a profile in which you explain and detail the time it takes to do a task, your delivery time, your price and, of course, your services.


This portal is Spanish although most of the offers are written in English. Not only can you offer your services, in Domestika there are real job offers that are updated every month. There are many companies that need graphic designers who use this portal. In fact, the majority of jobs that are advertised are creative, whether they are architecture or writing or advertising. From this website you should also highlight their interesting online courses to be up to date always.


This platform is mainly for designers. Companies briefly describe in a briefing what they need and for when. Then the web helps the company find the best designer for that project. In some occasions, 99designs also allow a kind of contest to begin, to which all designers can apply.


Programmers, translators, writers, app developers, designers and experts in online marketing are needed in the projects of this website. Twago is Europe’s largest European platform for virtual assistant jobs and is also used in Spain.


Free virtual assistant websites , platform they look for developers of webs and apps, graphic designers, sales and marketing. They have a portfolio of 27 million professionals. Although personally, what I like the least, is that they mainly work through contests.

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